The defining features of the Marais in Paris

A bridge away from Saint-Louis Island, the Marais forms a triangle defined by the squares of the Bastille, République, and Hôtel de Ville. A walk through the Marais is a trip back in time.

Discover with Highstay this unique neighborhood that combines heritage and modernity.

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    • A historic neighborhood of Paris
    • A place where culture comes alive
    • An ideal neighborhood for shopping
    • Taking the time to enjoy life by discovering the Marais

    A historic neighborhood of Paris

    The Marais appears in records from the 12th century as a place inhabited despite its marshy location. Take a walk there and be undoubtedly charmed by the beauty of its many private mansions, which are remarkable examples of 17th-century architecture.

    Contemplate the sculpted white stone façades which open onto splendid porches, relics of a time when people traveled in horse-drawn carriages. Admire the Hôtel de Béthunes-Sully or the Hôtel de Soubise, or marvel at the splendid Hôtel Salé. We invite you to saunter under the arches of the Place des Vosges, lose yourself in the pathways of the small park at its center, and admire the magnificent red brick façades so characteristic of one of Paris’ oldest squares. Lovers of painting will find their way to The Agony in the Garden by Eugène Delacroix, a treasure hidden in the baroque Church of Saint-Louis Saint-Paul.

    The Marais is an endlessly romantic neighborhood that also knows how to stay hip, and that’s where its charm lies.

    A place where culture comes alive

    The historical richness of the Marais would be enough to explain why it’s one of Paris’ most visited neighborhoods. However, there are other reasons for this infatuation. As a matter of fact, the Marais is a lively place that abounds with cultural offerings. The historical homes of a bygone era are now the setting of museums, including the musée Picasso, the musée Cognacq-Jay, the home of Victor Hugo, and the musée Carnavalet. Today these cultural sites are renowned in France and around the world.

    In the Marais, you can also visit the Centre George Pompidou, whose monumental structure reflects France’s modern and original architectural know-how. A gigantic collection, the largest in France, brings together masterpieces of modern and contemporary art.

    The rue des Rosiers, which can be traced back to the 13th century, is today the heart of the Jewish community in Paris.

    As you meander under a canopy of rainbow-colored umbrellas, you will discover why the Marais is also known as the largest gay neighborhood in France.

    An ideal neighborhood for shopping

    The historical legacy and cultural vibrancy the Marais is proud of make for an ideal setting for shopping, so it’s no wonder that many fashion boutiques, hip bars, and gourmet landmarks have set up shop in the area. The Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville, renamed BHV Marais in 2013, joined the other brands in the Marais by offering a selection of trendy fashion and home décor items. Despite the abundance of these chic and trendy boutiques, the Marais retains a village-like atmosphere, making wandering around window shopping a treat.

    At the heart of this historic and cultural district, art galleries such as the Galerie Perrotin, Thaddaeus Ropac, Daniel Templon, Karsten Greve, or Eric Dupont will delight art lovers and collectors. Come and browse at the Village Saint Paul, where close to 200 antique dealers and designers are gathered.

    Taking the time to enjoy life by discovering the Marais

    If simply wandering the Marais is enough to travel through time, visitors will also appreciate relaxing on the terrace of one of the many cafés which flourish in the district. If you’ve just visited the Museum of Jewish Art and History located in the Hôtel de Saint-Aignan on rue du Temple, it’s only a few more steps for a drink at Bisou. After a detour to gaze upon the Hôtel de Sully, sit down and relax at Little Red Door surrounded by candles hanging in birdcages.

    Several gourmet restaurants act as ambassadors of French culture, like the Michelin-starred L’Ambroisie located on the Place des Vosges. You will also find typically Parisian brasseries like the Brasserie Bofinger where you can enjoy lobster on special occasions.

    The Marais is a place where people live day and night, and there are many spots to spend a lively evening!

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