Discover the Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris

It would be a shame to visit Paris without exploring one or more of the many excellent establishments found in the capital. Explore French gastronomy through its Michelin-starred restaurants. Paris offers one of the world's finest culinary scenes, and with Highstay as your guide, you can delve into this world and savor the very best that Paris has to offer. Whether you prefer tradition, modernity, or adventure—there are plenty of options to choose from to find the experience that suits you best.

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    • Where to find the best restaurants in Paris?
    • Le Marais
    • Louvre Rivoli
    • Rue Saint Honoré
    • Champs Élysées
    • FAQ: Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris

    Where to find the best restaurants in Paris?

    Le Marais

    L’Ambroisie ***

    Just steps away from Place des Vosges, this is arguably one of Paris's most legendary three-star restaurants. L'Ambroisie offers one of the most refined interpretations of French gastronomy in a stunning setting. Tradition and excellence are the guiding principles of Chef Bertrand Pacaud, evident in his menu that features noble ingredients like lobster, truffles, and foie gras.

    Ogata *

    One of the rare spots in Paris where you can savor authentic Japanese cuisine, inspired by omakase, known for its precision and simplicity. Situated in a stylishly designed mansion dedicated to the Japanese art of living, a visit to Ogata offers a unique experience away from the usual paths.

    Benoit *

    This Michelin-starred bistro by Alain Ducasse is the epitome of the true Parisian bistro from the Belle Epoque era. Adorned with velvet banquettes, wood paneling, and copper accents, it provides an ideal setting to relish great classics crafted with skill and authenticity, including the Dubarry velouté with caviar, cassoulet, and exquisite desserts like the unmissable millefeuille.

    Louvre Rivoli

    Kei ***

    Elegance and harmony define the menu of this three-star Japanese chef, successfully bridging France and Japan with a rare sensibility evident in his dishes. A meal in this establishment offers a vibrant culinary journey in a sleek, pure setting. This is without a doubt the most confidential three-star restaurant in Paris!

    La Dame de Pic *

    Anne-Sophie Pic's Michelin-starred restaurant allows you to savor her talent without leaving from the capital. Her signature is the use of aromatic plants such as verbena, fir buds and rhubarb, imparting complexity and contrasts that captivate everyone.

    Omar Diab *

    The cuisine of French-Egyptian chef Omar Diab is both gourmet and daring, unveiling the essence of each ingredient through original sauces and condiments that include coral, spicy chickpea, lovage, and even brioche. Undoubtedly, one of Paris' new gastronomic destinations.

    Yam’tcha *

    In her restaurant, Adeline Grattard offers a delicate cuisine infused with Asian influences, combining exceptional French products with flavors from the Far East, including the renowned XO sauce, a key ingredient in many of her dishes. A passionate tea enthusiast and connoisseur, she curates tea and food pairings, a unique occurrence in a Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant.

    Rue Saint Honoré

    Le Grand Restaurant de Jean-François Piège **

    Dubbed by the chef as a "laboratory of fine cuisine," this two-Michelin-starred restaurant offers exceptional, modern cuisine, resulting from continuous research rooted in taste and the culinary emotions directly inspired by the French terroir.

    L’Arôme *

    Thomas Boullault, a Michelin-starred chef, prioritizes quality produce and generosity in his cuisine, which is seasonally-driven. His establishment is an ideal destination to explore la cuisine de marché, a refined and gourmet French specialty, accompanied by delightful wines carefully selected from France's finest grape varieties.

    Jin *

    This tiny 15-seat restaurant is among the most intimate spots in Paris. Its sushi and sashimi resemble haute couture, crafted right before your eyes in the purest Japanese tradition by a sushi master, the sole holder of a star in Paris. A truly exceptional experience.

    Champs Élysées

    Pierre Gagnaire ***

    Renowned three-star chef Pierre Gagnaire is recognized for his poetic approach and pioneering lighter, more contemporary cuisine. Innovative and ambitious, these dishes reflect his unique style. They celebrate the seasons through an array of products that the chef enjoys presenting in various forms, to be savored across multiple courses.

    Alléno au Pavillon Ledoyen ***

    A three-star restaurant located in a listed Pavillon on the Champs-Elysées, Alléno's avant-garde cuisine sharply contrasts with the classicism of its setting. Using a patented extraction technique, the flavors of ingredients are concentrated and enhanced without the addition of fat, resulting in a cuisine that is both modern and light.

    Le Clarence **

    Two-star chef Christophe Pelé has taken up residence in a superb private townhouse in the 8th arrondissement. In this traditional and serene setting, he offers menus showcasing brilliant and daring sequences, frequently highlighting the land-sea pairings that are close to his heart and have contributed to his acclaimed reputation.

    FAQ: Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris

    What is the best 3-star restaurant in Paris?

    L'Arpège, Chef Alain Passard's restaurant, received its third star in 1996 and has maintained it ever since. It is consistently acclaimed as one of the world's premier dining establishments.

    Passard was a trailblazer in emphasizing vegetables as the centerpiece of a dish, elevating them beyond mere accompaniments. His renowned apple tart, bouquet de roses, stands as another highlight.

    Which Michelin-starred restaurant has the most stunning setting?

    The Michelin-starred Jules Verne is located at the heart of the Eiffel Tower, offering an unforgettable dining experience that marries haute cuisine with a breathtaking view of Paris.

    Which restaurant has the most Michelin stars?

    The world's most starred chef is Alain Ducasse, boasting twenty stars across thirty-four establishments, including nine in Paris.

    How many Michelin-starred restaurants are there in Paris?

    Paris boasts a total of one hundred and sixty-three stars, distributed among one hundred and thirty restaurants. This includes nine three-star, fifteen two-star, and one hundred and six one-star establishments! The Champs-Elysées district houses the largest number of three-star restaurants.

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