About Us


Launched in 2020 by entrepreneurs Jess Levy, Eric and Michael Dayan, HIGHSTAY creates private high-end apartments, designed to provide a home-away-from-home experience, where freedom and privacy meet comfort and luxury.


How it started

The desire to reinvent the classic hospitality model came during a holiday trip the founders took together. The Covid pandemic triggered new needs and shaped new patterns when it comes to traveling, where people appreciate the privacy and freedom of a private home. Inspired by this changing environment, the three founders sensed that the market for luxury and serviced apartments was offering great opportunities and the possibility to envision something innovative.

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The experience
Hospitality reinvented

Responding to those seeking peace and comfort and appreciative of interior design - quintessential values of the HIGHSTAY lifestyle - the brand’s mission is to provide the exceptional service of a world-class hotel in the private and personal surroundings of a luxury home. HIGHSTAY owns, renovates and designs each apartment with a team of architects and interior designers, with every detail carefully curated to provide an authentic and memorable experience.

The company
Innovative and driven

Since the acquisition and renovation of the first apartments on rue Saint-Honoré in 2020, the brand has been growing rapidly. HIGHSTAY currently owns 32 apartments in Paris, located in the most prestigious areas, including the Champs Elysées, Le Marais, Louvre and Rue de Rivoli. In line with the brand’s vision, a further 40 apartments have been announced to date, as part of a robust future pipeline.

Looking to the future, HIGHSTAY will continue to evolve, expanding to other exciting parts of France as well as major cities around the world