Why did Saint-Honoré become one of the trendiest streets in Paris?

The 1,840 meter-long (6,036 feet) street tying the heart of Paris to the prestigious 8th arrondissement is known for its trendy side. Passing through the neighborhoods of Madeleine, Place Vendôme, Palais-Royal, and Les Halles, this street acts as a common thread tying together different worlds for a visit as unique as your personality. Follow Highstay to discover the many facets of this hub of Parisian life!

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    • A monument to the Parisian life
    • One of the best places to go shopping
    • Enjoy the bustling life on rue Saint-Honoré
    • One road, multiple universes

    A monument to the Parisian life

    The rue Saint-Honoré is a must for any visit to Paris as you’re bound to pass through it on your way to buildings like the Louvre Museum, Palais Royal, Comédie Française, Tuileries Gardens, the Place Vendôme, and the Place de la Madeleine. All of these cultural, historical, and artistic jewels can be found by walking down the rue Saint-Honoré. The Haussmann-style façades of the stone buildings set the stage for chic boutiques that line your path day or night for an enchanting stroll through the heat of the “city of lights.”

    Some shops you can find on rue Saint-Honoré could be museums in their own right but have successfully paired heritage with modernity. One of the oldest pharmacies in Paris, located at 115 rue Saint-Honoré, once supplied beauty products to the French Queen Marie Antoinette (1755-1793.) The building’s façade is still adorned with an inscription meaning “Maker of extracts evaporated in steam and in a vacuum.” The anecdotes associated with this store may contradict these words, but a carefree and frivolous fragrance still wafts through the rue Saint-Honoré.

    One of the best places to go shopping

    Anyone looking for the trendiest boutiques will find them on rue Saint-Honoré. Louboutin, Valentino, Maje, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Dior, Chloé, Longchamp, Ba&sh, and many other luxury brands intersperse the window shopping you can do between the Place Vendôme and Place de la Madeleine.

    As you wander the rue Saint-Honoré, enter the shop named “Rive Droite” by the house of Saint Laurent. More than a sales space, the boutique, which opened in the old concept store of Colette, aims to immerse you in a universe that somewhat shakes up the rules of luxury.

    If you prefer to take public transport, the rue Saint-Honoré is served by three RER lines, seven metro lines, and several bus lines. You will also find three Vélib bike sharing stations.

    Enjoy the bustling life on rue Saint-Honoré

    A hip and chic place to dine

    As you meander down the rue Saint-Honoré, you’ll have the chance to treat yourself to different restaurants like La Castiglione, a favorite meeting place for fashion designers and models during Paris Fashion Week. Come enjoy an apéritif among friends, and don’t be surprised to see one of the trendiest models of the moment sit next to you.

    Going out on rue Saint-Honoré

    Whether sipping on a cocktail at the Hemingway Bar or relaxing at Musset in a completely revamped and redesigned setting, you’ll be spoiled for choice with ways to enjoy the local lifestyle.

    Let yourself be surprised!

    So you’ve visited all the luxury boutiques and are looking for a moment of calm in an intimate atmosphere? Some equally fashionable hidden gems are hiding in the jewelry box that is the rue Saint-Honoré. Book “la Danseuse”, a unique spot located close to the Opera and the Place Vendôme, where you can arrange a private exhibition and offer guided or unaccompanied tours to your guests for an exceptional moment.

    One road, multiple universes

    The rue Saint-Honoré is the link between the legendary Place Vendôme, the epicenter of high-end jewelry, and the more cosmopolitan universe of Les Halles. In a few steps, you can join the pinnacle of elegance with the livelier neighborhood of Les Halles. What is now named the Westfield Forum des Halles offers the opportunity of a gigantic shopping mall complemented by a 30-screen movie theater and an indoor swimming pool. You can enjoy a variety of restaurants and just as many bars on the premises and dive into a decidedly modern, lively, and dynamic universe.

    The rue Saint-Honoré is brimming with possibilities, as much for entertainment as for dining, in trendy places. As a balcony overlooking the most beautiful monuments in Paris, a meeting place for fashion and luxury icons, and an atypical space for an eclectic stay, the rue Saint-Honoré opens the door to discovering a city with many facets.

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