What are the tourist and cultural activities to do around rue Saint-Honoré?

Besides the place Vendôme, the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens, the Palais Royal, the Concorde, the Madeleine, and the Champs-Élysées, there are several lesser-known but equally interesting tourist and cultural activities around the rue Saint Honoré.

Highstay shares a few places to visit around the rue Saint-Honoré to enhance your visit to Paris.

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    • For History lovers: the Hôtel de la Marine
    • Smith&Son: an international outlook
    • Art in all of its forms
    • Introducing yourself to French cuisine
    • Concerts at the Church of the Madeleine

    For History lovers: the Hôtel de la Marine

    Paris is a city rich with cultural heritage, and almost every street number has a historical anecdote attached to it. The Hôtel de la Marine is a place that made history and that you simply must visit during your stay.

    We owe this magnificent building to Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the first architect of Louis XV. Currently the headquarters of the Ministry of the Navy, the building was the Royal Furniture Repository until 1798.

    Thanks to the restoration undertaken by the Center of National Monuments, visitors can now discover the 18th-century apartments as well as the staterooms. All of these spaces have been completely refurbished.

    Events are on offer, such as period costume balls, organized one Friday evening a month. The Hôtel de la Marine also recently began hosting temporary exhibitions like “Ca’d’Oro, masterpieces of the Renaissance in Venice.”

    Smith&Son: an international outlook

    The largest English-language bookstore in Paris, located on rue de Rivoli since 1870, is just steps away from the rue Saint-Honoré.

    You will be surprised by the abundance of books available on the premises and keep in mind that you can also place orders. Smith&Son offers dining service. Fancy a cuppa tea? You can relax in three different atmospheres, from a hip Parisian café to an intimate tea room or an English pub.

    Art in all of its forms

    Whether Impressionist paintings, Art Nouveau, or contemporary images and videos, you will find something for every taste at the different places we've carefully chosen around the rue Saint-Honoré.

    Musée de l’Orangerie

    The most beautiful impressionist and post-impressionist paintings await you at the Musée National de l'Orangerie. Extend your stroll through the Tuileries gardens by entering this space where you can contemplate Monet's Water Lilies.

    Musée Art Nouveau Collection 1900 - Maxim's

    For over 60 years, Pierre Cardin has assembled a collection of “Art Nouveau” furniture and trinkets that is unique in France. Maxim’s is a showcase for Art Nouveau, a style born in 1880 which celebrates women in a floral and botanical universe. You can discover masterpieces from around the world, with over 550 pieces signed by the most sought-after designers like Majorelle, Tiffany, Gallé, Massier, or Toulouse-Lautrec.

    Jeu de Paume

    Known as the room where the deputies of the Third Estate met on June 20, 1789, swearing not to separate before giving the kingdom a constitution, the Jeu de Paume is now an art center and exhibition space dedicated to the dissemination of images from the 20th and 21st centuries.

    This space, which was once dedicated to sports, has become a reference point for contemporary photography and cinema, from video to installations and online creation. You can discover a rich and varied program lineup of exhibitions and film screenings. Well-known artists and rising talents rub shoulders during the many conferences and seminars that are held there. The Jeu de Paume also offers educational activities.

    Introducing yourself to French cuisine

    Gastronomy plays a prominent role in the ingenuity and notoriety of French culture. What would you say to following in the footsteps of Auguste Escoffier in one of the more prestigious hotels at a school for the most renowned chefs? That’s the formula offered by the Ritz Escoffier School: book a three-hour course on chocolate or a three-day training course in pastry making, combining tradition, know-how, and talent.

    Concerts at the Church of the Madeleine

    Few churches can boast of having a Cavaillé-Coll organ within their walls. Just like the instrument at the Royal Basilica of Saint-Denis, the organ of the Church of the Madeleine is listed as a historical monument. It envelops visitors in a romantic feeling shaped by the rhythm of the organist and the sound flowing from the pipes. Camille Saint-Saëns and Gabriel Fauré were organists-in-residence at the Church during their heyday. Today, a variety of musical events are organized at the Church of the Madeleine, where you can hear a gospel concert or an interpretation of Verdi’s Requiem or Dvorak’s Stabat Mater.

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