Finding a luxury holiday apartment in Paris

The right flat can make a trip to Paris into a magical getaway. So what should you consider to find the best holiday rentals in the city of lights?

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    • Rent an apartment for your next holiday in the center of Paris
    • Short stay holiday apartments in Paris
    • A holiday stay near the Louvre
    • Holiday apartments in Paris near the Eiffel Tower
    • What are the most sought-after services when renting an apartment?
    • When is the best moment to rent a flat in Paris?
    • What is the weather like in Paris for the holidays?
    • How to get around in Paris?
    • What to do and see in Paris during your holidays?
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Looking for a luxury holiday rental in central Paris? Highstay guides you through the best places to find high-end accommodation in Paris for a short stay.

    Rent an apartment for your next holiday in the center of Paris

    Consider accommodation in a central location to make your next trip more enjoyable. Highstay offers a variety of luxury holiday rentals based in the city centre.

    Short stay holiday apartments in Paris

    The right flat can make a trip to Paris into a magical getaway. So what should you consider to find the best holiday rentals in the city of lights?


    When it comes to holiday apartments, Paris city centre neighbourhoods are unquestionably the finest area to stay. Central Paris is full of rich history, modern culture, and exquisite restaurants - all within walking distance. Highstay offers short-term holiday accommodation in four Paris neighbourhoods:


    We offer two large apartments on the elegant Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, just metres away from the prestigious Avenue des Champs-Elysées. This location is within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. If you need extra space, our Franklin Roosevelt II apartment features three bedrooms.

    Rue Saint Honoré

    You can choose from seven different Paris holiday apartments along this street stretching from the Vendôme neighbourhood to Le Marais. These flats are one or two bedrooms and offer self catering accommodation, as do all Highstay residences.

    Louvre Rivoli

    Highstay has seven apartment rentals around the Louvre Rivoli metro. These flats are in close proximity to attractions like the Louvre Museum, where you can study the enigmatic expression of Mona Lisa or gaze at the timeless beauty of the Venus de Milo. You can choose from one or two bedroom flats.

    Le Marais

    You will find nine Highstay apartment rentals in this quaint neighbourhood. From your beautiful apartment, you can easily explore an array of small boutiques, corner cafés, gourmet restaurants, and museums scattered along the cobbled streets. We offer 1-3 bedroom flats in the Marais.

    The Space

    While a standard hotel will provide a place to sleep, the right holiday rental will make Paris feel like home. Highstay offers beautiful flats with modern décor and high-end furnishings that elevate the Parisian charm of ceiling mouldings or the view from the window.

    A fully stocked kitchen allows for luxury self-catering at a moment's notice, while a wide variety of restaurants are nearby for days when you would rather not cook.

    Our holiday homes offer a comfortable place to stay in the French capital for four to six people, with a wide range of one and two bedroom flats. If you require more space, we have three bedroom flats in the Marais and Champs-Elysees. A few of our holiday lettings offer unique touches like a terrace or classic Haussmann-style architecture.


    The right amenities make any stay more luxurious and relaxing. Highstay welcomes you to your accommodation with thoughtful details, like bottles of still and sparkling water. All Highstay Paris apartments include high-quality linens, Aesop soaps, and a Nespresso machine. You will also find essential luxuries like air conditioning, a washing machine, and a dish washer. High speed internet access makes it easy to work from home.

    A holiday stay near the Louvre

    The Louvre Rivoli district is a prime location at the heart of the city. Our seven flats in this area offer a luxurious cocoon to rest after a long day seeing the sights, like the nearby Louvre, or exploring other parts of the city on foot, like the Île de la Cité, Notre Dame Cathedral, or Luxembourg Gardens.

    This spacious and opulent two-bedroom flat marries classic Parisian architecture with avant-garde furnishings.

    This elegant and roomy two-bedroom apartment is bathed in natural light thanks to a large wall-length window.

    This lavishly decorated one bedroom will immerse you in a world of natural wood and marble.

    This contemporary one bedroom flat is centrally located near the rue de Rivoli.

    This refined and expansive two bedroom apartment provides a balcony with a view onto the rue de Rivoli and the Samaritaine luxury department store.

    This glamourous one bedroom apartment is located just one block from the Seine River, a stone's throw from the Ile de la Cite.

    This chic and comfortable two bedroom flat is steps from the Pont Notre Dame leading to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

    Holiday apartments in Paris near the Eiffel Tower

    In a Highstay holiday flat rental, Paris becomes home. Our Champs Elysees apartments are close to the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower is within walking distance.

    This creative yet sophisticated two bedroom apartment brings Parisian luxury into the home.

    This refined and comfortable apartment can house up to 6 guests thanks to three bedrooms.

    What are the most sought-after services when renting an apartment?

    By offering the most sought-after services for a holiday apartment rental, Paris is yours to explore. Our Paris holiday rentals allow for an effortless while providing freedom and privacy. All Highstay apartments include daily cleaning service, self check-in and check-out, and a concierge service always ready to help with any request.

    When is the best moment to rent a flat in Paris?

    The best time to visit Paris is during the autumn or spring. Summer may offer longer days, but the sweltering heat and scourge of tourists can make for an unpleasant experience. The gloomy and cold winter is also better avoided if possible. Those with seasonal allergies will want to avoid a visit in the pollen-filled spring. The loveliest times to visit the city are late spring and early to mid-autumn.

    What is the weather like in Paris for the holidays?

    The weather varies by season, but the summer is often hot and sunny, and the winter is cold and rainy. Spring and autumn see the highest variation in temperature and weather conditions.

    How to get around in Paris?

    Every Highstay apartment in Paris is close to a metro station, making it the best way to get around the city. If you are more adventurous and the weather allows, consider hiring a bike to explore Paris. At night, walking is best for travelling nearby or taking a taxi to farther locations. As an optional service, we can arrange a luxury car service for you if you prefer to have a driver at your disposal.

    What to do and see in Paris during your holidays?

    The classic tourist circuit

    If this is your first trip to Paris, you will want to see the iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. A visit to the Place de la Bastille may leave you searching in vain for the Bastille prison. Instead of a touristy bus tour, let Highstay arrange a private city guide to tour one of these incredible destinations. Your guide will give a more detailed explanation of each location with historical context that you will miss if you venture out alone.

    For a better view of Paris, the Montparnasse Tower offers a panoramic city view which includes the Eiffel Tower itself.


    While the Moulin Rouge and Sacré Cœur basilica (Sacred heart basilica) are must-sees for many tourists, this quaint neighbourhood offers hidden gems to those willing to brave its winding hilly streets. The Villa Léandre is a hidden cul de sac with charming English-inspired houses which break from typical Parisian architectural traditions. As you continue your tour of this hilltop district, you will find some relics of the area's rural past, including two surviving windmills and the Clos Montmartre vineyard.

    Central Paris

    Central Paris neighbourhoods like Louvre Rivoli and the rue Saint Honoré offer incredible high-end shopping opportunities for fashion, jewellery, and leather goods. The area also provides several cultural attractions like the Louvre Museum and Pinault Collection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any holiday rentals in Paris that include a swimming pool?

    While there are a few holiday rentals in the city with a pool, finding an apartment for rent with a private pool in the city centre is nearly impossible. Our Louvre I and Louvre II locations offer a private hammam in the en-suite bathroom. If you need a place to swim or have kids who would enjoy the water, our staff are happy to find you a suitable location.

    Could you recommend some family-friendly vacation rentals in Paris?

    If you are looking for a three bedroom vacation rental, Highstay offers two different locations which are a good choice for families with kids. Our Franklin Roosevelt II apartment is next to the stimulating Champs Elysees or Réaumur III is in the quieter Marais. Despite the convenience of luxury self-catering, P

    aris will surely tempt you with an unrivalled array of fine restaurants close by. Our staff can accommodate any special requests before you arrive, such as baby proofing or arranging a babysitter.

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