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Paris, a culinary experience - The best restaurants

In Paris, the world capital of gastronomy, there is an abundance of dining options awaiting exploration. Highstay's curated selection not only enables you to make an informed decision amidst the multitude of choices but also facilitates the discovery of diverse cuisines and atmospheres. Bistronomy, bouillons, neo-bistrots, brasseries—all of these options make a meal a complete culinary experience in its own right. Let’s make a great culinary experience in the best restaurants.

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    • Louvre- Rivoli
    • Frenchie and His Wine Bar
    • L’Epi d’or / Clover Grill
    • Liquide
    • Parcelles
    • Les Enfants Rouges
    • Breizh Café
    • Shabour
    • Véro Dodat
    • Tracé
    • Drugstore Champs Elysées
    • Céna
    • Flora Danica

    Louvre- Rivoli

    Frenchie and His Wine Bar

    Despite having lived in London for many years, Grégory Marchand has now permanently settled on Rue du Nil, much to the delight of Parisians. Wether you choose the Frenchie, a Michelin-starred restaurant and an icon of Parisian neo-bistronomy, or the Wine Bar, you will be able to savor delightful nectars and share dishes featuring expertly prepared seasonal produce.

    L’Epi d’or / Clover Grill

    Jean-François Piège is known for his starred restaurants, but his two other, more confidential and relaxed establishments are equally deserving of a visit. At L'Epi d'or, he revives the great bistro classics in an authentic and warm setting, and at Clover Grill, a Parisian-style steakhouse, he focuses entirely on cooking over coals or on the spit, offering an elegant dining experience. The choice is yours!


    This restaurant is intended to be a modern tavern. Viewing cooking as a playground, Chef Mathias Marc introduces guests to his Jura region through his ever-evolving menu. From substantial shared dishes and a three-course lunch menu to a diverse array of starters that can be enjoyed alone or with others, a meal at Chez Liquide embodies the ethos of a new generation of chefs. Their creativity is continuously refreshed, offering a great array of delights.

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    Le Marais


    A lovely spot known only to true gourmets, where you'll often encounter Parisian chefs when they're not at their own establishments! The setting is typical of the Haut Marais, with stone walls and wooden beams. On the white-tablecloth tables, you will find bistronomic dishes that seamlessly blend modernity with tradition, presented with elegance and subtlety.

    Les Enfants Rouges

    This former market is a French-style food court with an authentic, friendly atmosphere. Counters follow one another, each offering its specialties. Whether it's haute couture dishes at Aux Enfants du Marché, bento and a choice of curries at Taeko, or the world's best sandwiches generously filled at Alain Miam Miam, prepared right in front of you, the choice is yours ! Lebanese, Indian, Antillean, and French wine shops are also featured.

    Breizh Café

    The ultimate crêperie for discovering the famous Breton buckwheat pancakes beloved by the French, right in the heart of the Marais. Crunchy and generously filled with quality French products,they come with a bowl of cider and are delightfully easy to enjoy! The sweet version made withwheat flour is also a treat. Breizh Café is also located at Carrefour de l’Odéon.

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    Only twenty guests facing the kitchen is the radical choice of Israeli chef Assaf Granit. This restaurant is truly unique, and dining at Shabour is a spectacular experience as this establishment is designed as a gastronomic theater. Throughout the various courses of the tasting menu, you'll encounter unfamiliar, surprising, and exciting flavors that will leave no one indifferent.

    Véro Dodat

    Located in one of Paris's most prestigious passageways, which transports you back in time, the restaurant Véro Dodat focuses on refined French cuisine in a charming and delightfully old-fashioned setting. It embodies the Parisian spirit of the Belle Époque, making it a perfect stop while strolling through the neighborhood, with a particularly enticing daily menu that varies with the seasons.


    This is one of the capital's youngest gourmet restaurants and the ideal place to indulge in modern bistronomy, embodying a distinct vision of French cuisine, just a stone's throw away from the Palais-Royal. Offering a technical, refined cuisine in an elegant, monochrome setting, the tasting menu is inspired by the culinary experiments of the young chef, Clément Vergeat.

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    Drugstore Champs Elysées

    A true institution on the Champs-Élysées, the Drugstore is a contemporary brasserie open from 10am to 11pm. The menu, crafted by three-starred chef Eric Fréchon, highlights Parisian classics such as the truffle croque-monsieur, beef tartare, and the renowned Caesar salad for which the Drugstore is famous. This establishment is also renowned for its selection of cocktails served with quality finger food, perfect for an aperitif before a show or a late dinner!


    Seated on comfortable leather banquettes, you can savor sincere and vibrant cuisine that focuses on the quality of the products and precision in execution. At lunchtime, the restaurant presents a four-course discovery menu, providing insight into the chef's talents and the richness of the French terroir. Wine enthusiasts, this place is for you: the wine list is full of treasures!

    Flora Danica

    A Danish brasserie located on the Champs-Élysées, this is a great spot for aficionados of smoked fish and other seafood specialties. Featuring smoked salmon, tarama, caviar, alongside pickled vegetable, a fine selection of meats, and vegetarian dishes, Flora Danica offers a delightful break during a stroll through the neighborhood. Additionally, the terrace is a delight in the summer!

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    A historic site with a spectacular view of Île Saint-Louis and Notre-Dame,

    At: La Tour d’Argent qui a de surcroît une des plus belles caves de Paris.

    Gourmet tapas dinner with the most Japanese of French chefs,

    At: Le Clown Bar

    Revel in bistro-style dishes in eastern Paris,

    At: Le Baratin et le Bistrot Paul Bert

    Drink cocktails in Saint-Germain-des-Prés while savouring on sushi,

    At: Le Bar des Prés

    Experience the soul of Montparnasse in the days of Modigliani and Art Déco over a seafood platter,

    At: La Coupole

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