2024 Summer Games
in Paris

The ultimate experience

Ideally situated in the heart of Paris, each HIGHSTAY apartement offers beautifully designed spaces and an exceptional service from experienced House Managers within the intimate setting of a private home. In close proximity to most of the thirty locations where the olympic games are due to take place, HIGHSTAY homes promise the ultimate Paris Olympics 2024 experience.

The olympic games in Paris are taking place from July 26th until Aug 11th.

For those looking to relax, we’d suggest arriving a week prior to the start of the festivities, to enjoy the City of Lights before the hustle and bustle starts to envelop the capital. See the sights as they are, and take in the calm before the competitions begin!


Summer 2024 Offers

Start planning your trip
for Summer 2024 in Paris

If you wish to book a HIGHSTAY apartment during the olympic games, or if you have any questions regarding our packages, please get in touch with our team.

We are always available to correspond with you by e-mail at or by telephone on +33 1 76 40 25 25.


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