Luxury bathroom with walk-in shower

Unlike a traditional shower cubicle, a walk-in shower offers great freedom of movement thanks to its spacious enclosure. Gone are the days of patterned curtains; the walk-in shower is now equipped with a glass door that lets natural light into the enclosure. Its openness creates a symbiosis between the different areas of the bathroom. In this article, Highstay reveals the advantages of the walk-in shower.

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    • Walk-in shower in the Highstay flats
    • Why choose a walk-in shower?
    • What materials does Highstay use?

    Walk-in shower in the Highstay flats

    In our flats in the Louvre-Rivoli district

    For some years now, walk-in showers have been making a comeback in modern bathrooms. Surfing on the trend, Highstay has installed one in each of its luxury rooms. From the marble cladding to the glass door, walk-in showers are synonymous with elegance and functionality. See for yourself.

    Using glass in a walk-in shower is a quality choice. Its transparency allows natural light to penetrate the entire space. Glass goes well with all types of materials, including wood, marble and ceramic. The proof is in the bath in one of our rooms in the Louvre-Rivoli district.

    In our flats in the Marais district

    Marble's unique veining and colour variations add character to the walk-in shower. Used for centuries in interiors, marble's durability is testament to its timeless beauty. Contrary to trends that come and go, marble remains a material that spans generations.The proof is in the Italian-style bath in one of our luxury rooms in the Marais. The marble cladding blends perfectly with the stone washbasin.

    In our flats in the Saint-Honoré district

    In our flats in the Champs-Elysées district

    The combination of wood and marble in the Italian-style bathroom creates a symbiosis between the natural warmth of wood and the timeless elegance of marble. This combination creates a luxurious aesthetic that enhances the ambience of any space. Together, they highlight the beauty of nature in all its forms.

    Why choose a walk-in shower?

    A walk-in shower is a condensation of style that makes it a first choice for modern bathrooms. A walk-in shower offers many advantages. Highstay lists the reasons why you should choose a walk-in shower for your home.

    Saving space

    Both practical and elegant, the walk-in shower is a wonderful alternative to the bath or shower cubicle. Unlike their counterparts, walk-in showers offer freedom of movement and space. These features make the walk-in shower ideal for couples or families sharing a shower at the same time.

    An elegant design

    The walk-in shower is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. This means it can be customised to suit the layout of any bathroom. From ceramic tiles to marble, stone to wooden planks, the walk-in shower can be customised to suit your tastes and desires.

    Easy to maintain

    Unlike traditional shower cubicles, walk-in showers are easier to maintain. Because it's so open, a walk-in shower allows water vapour to escape more easily, so there are no marks on the glass. There are no obstacles to get round, such as doors or curtains, so cleaning is more efficient with a minimum of effort.

    What materials does Highstay use?

    Known for offering a quality service within its luxury flats, it was therefore essential for Highstay to offer the same for the materials used in its Italian-style bathrooms. From marble to wood and glass, here is a list of the materials we use to create these all-important rooms.

    Marble, a symbol of luxury

    Marble is the very symbol of luxury. With its distinctive veins and variations in colour, each organic slab lends a unique appearance to the surfaces it sits alongside. From white to beige to black, marble offers a varied palette of colours, providing countless design possibilities. It's true that marble is aesthetically pleasing, but it also has lasting qualities. It's a material that stands the test of time. Whether adorning the floors, walls or showers that make up the bathrooms of our luxury flats, its smooth surface invites you to touch it and marvel at it.

    The unrivalled warmth of wood

    Wood brings a sense of warmth to the bathroom. Its organic appearance adds character and depth to the space, creating a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. Wood adds a touch of elegance that can be integrated into a variety of decorative styles. It also has a timeless appeal that defies trends. Its beauty guarantees a quality choice for the bathroom, offering timeless elegance that can be adapted to suit individual preferences. When properly treated and cared for, wood is a suitable material for the bathroom.

    Glass for timelessness

    Glass shower enclosures give an impression of openness and space in the bathroom. Unlike opaque materials that can give the impression of a closed space, glass allows natural light to penetrate the inside of the walk-in shower. This makes it more welcoming. Its transparency adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom shower, creating a focal point that blends in with different design shower enclosures are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes, allowing you to personalise them as you wish. Whether you prefer frameless, semi-frameless or framed glass, there are plenty of options to suit your design preferences.

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